Sunday, July 19, 2009

What a fantastic move of God we had in our service tonight. The presence of the Lord just kept coming in waves from the very first song. I feel God did a miraculous work in some hearts tonight. In fact we had an evangelist with us this morning and tonight and he didn't even get to the pulpit to preach. The altars filled and it just went on from there. Thank God. Sometimes we need that deep cleansing and renewing. I am so thankful for the wonderful experience of the Holy Ghost.

This has been a beautiful day. A little on the warm side, but this is July in the SQ Valley. Thank God for air conditioners. It looks like this next week will be another hot one, but we will survive as we always do.

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  1. Ginny I too am feasting on today and tonight's services.Our God is so good to us and He always refreshes,renews and restores us just when we need it. What an Awesome God we serve! Just Me, Nita