Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday night.
We are actually in Barstow, Ca. in a motel. Because I was so tired of riding, we decided not to push on home. We plan to arise tomorrow and finish the final leg of our journey.

WOW.. A vacation that started out to be 10-12 days ended up being 23 days. Oh well, we have had a great time. Will post more after we get home.

I hope you have also enjoyed our trip.

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  1. That's the fun part about retirement. Two years ago Gene & I went to Death Valley to see the flowers. It was spring. Well, we didn't come back home but kept going - going to Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona. Six weeks later we were home. Scared our kids to death but boy, did we have a great time. Glad to see that you are home and safe. Take care. I've got to where I pay my bills electronically because I never know when we will get the bug and take off again. lol