Friday, July 10, 2009

Second day on the road home.
This morning we left Oklahoma City. Per doctors request, we had to stop about every two hours and move around for awhile. I'm doing real well as far as I can tell.
As we came across OK and Texas today, the outside temperature reached 111. The wind blew all the way and I have never seen so many road construction zones.
At about 6:30pm we arrived in Santa Rosa, Texas and decided to stop for the night. We ate dinner and came back to the motel. Mervin has now crashed. We are going to try to be in Williams, AZ tomorrow night to see the Grand Canyon. Will see what happens.
Hold your breath, I'm gonna try to post some pictures.
Well I always seem to get my pictures in the wrong place. I'll get it figured out. Of course 2 of the pictures are of Jayla. Two were taken in Oklahoma City at the place of the bombing. Very touching had heart rendering. The other is just along the road. We have so many pictures and I'm having a hard time finding the ones I want.
Ok, I'm through for the night.

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