Thursday, July 23, 2009

As I sat here to day after my devotional time my mind was whisking here and there trying to decide what to accomplish first today. Mervin left early this morning to go to Bakersfield to see a very dear elder who is in the hospital. (Please pray for this faithful saint.)

Our street is kinda quiet today. Two families left for Jr. Camp yesterday. Tomorrow three more families will leave. Sunday we have a van load of campers leaving plus three more workers.

We're trusting and praying that they will have a wonderful and blessed youth camp and many young people will be filled with the Holy Ghost and many will be renewed. We don't know what kind of homes many of these kids come out of or what they will go home to face, but we can continue to lift them up in prayer and encourage them.

We'll join them a week from tomorrow for Camp Meeting.

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  1. Weather's beautiful and crisp here - you will enjoy it, I'm sure. Plus all the blessings of Camp Meeting, etc. Look forward to seeing you.