Friday, July 3, 2009

So this must be the 12th day of our trip.

Yesterday we took a short trip into Hot Springs. About 15-20 min. from here. Beautiful.
I will post some pictures later. I couldn't get out and walk much, but it was good to just get out of the house. I did get a good case of motion sickness and was sick most of last night. When you see the pictures you'll know why.

I'm feeling better today. Had a Doctors appointment this morning and he took my staples out, and says I can probably travel by midweek next week or by the weekend. Says we'll have to stop about every couple hours and move around for awhile. Sounds like a long trip home doesn't it?

The church here is doing a God and Country program Sunday night. Sounds like it will be good. Will keep you posted.

I can tell I'm getting out more. We ate lunch yesterday at Doe's Restraunt in Hot Springs, and lunch today at the Cracker Barrel after my doctors visit.

Will post more later.

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  1. Please take it easy Virginia, and when you come home - do it slowly, following the doctor's orders. Praying for your healing, safety coming home, and that you celebrate a wonderful 4th.