Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our beautiful vacation is now over. We arrived home this afternoon after boarding the plane at 7:45 am, of course we had to be at the airport to check in at 5:45' which meant we had to get up at 4:30 to get there. Arrived at LAX at about 11:00 and picked up our car at the motel then arrived home about 3:30pm.m got most things unpacked before church time and will finish up tomorrow.

Thank you Cheryl for dog setting for us. I can tell that Jazz and Jackson love you. Thank you also for the nice clean house that we came home to. Cheryl and I have been friends in the church for 30 some years. God has blessed,us both in so many ways over the years. Again Cheryl, Thank You.

Mervin shot over 700 pictures. Wish we could share all of them with you, but space will not permit. Hope you did enjoy the ones I posted on Face book. Since I'm feeling my day and it is 9:45 here and last night at this time it was 11:45, I think I'll call it quits for the night. Good night.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Last full day before boarding plane at 7:45 in the morning. Today I did some laundry (gonna go home with clean clothes instead of suitcases full of dirty ones). Fixed dinner here at home tonight, packed suitcases. Did some shopping and a little more sight seeing. We have truly had a wonderful time. Mervin has taken over 750 pictures. Sure glad we don't have to pay for film anymore. Now we're eating yogurt before going to bed. Nothing like going to bed on a full stomach.

I have seen so many sights I have never seen before, laughed, teased, joked, but most of all have enjoyed being with God's people seeing the vastness of His creation. He have enjoyed outstanding services here and in Gravel Ridge. We are so blessed to be able to be here. My God continue to bless these beautiful people. Until later.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Today was great from the very beginning. Had two wonderful services.
Got a few things done in preparation for our return home. The fellowship after service tonight again was wonderful.
Looking forward to another great day tomorrow.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Today we stayed in Arkansas. We left out about 10:00 and drove for about an hour then down a little country road to this old store building that the back sits over the river on stilts. Please look on face book at the pictures. The greatest food ever tasted. I had chicken fried steak split with Jayla and Mervin had fried catfish. I tried his cat fish, it was delicious. Wonderful food, but a very interesting place. From there we drove for a while into Englland, Ar. Visited several pawn shops and second hand stores. Sis. Emerson and I found this exclusive ladies dress shop in this dinky town that had some of the most beautiful clothes. We then traveled to this Indian Reserve. Took a tour, heard all about the Indians of that time. Later we traveled on to see the beautiful plantations. Evening finally forced us home to a wonderful dinner that Sis. Emerson had going in a crock pot. Will write more tomorrow.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Another great day. Today we visited Graceland. Very, very interesting place. Mervin literally took oodles of pictures. I posted a few on Facebook. We took the Platinium Tour. Got us into everything including his car display, Graceland, the airplane tours and all the grounds Quite an interesting place and to see how he lived always searching for something more. Even saw his grave site. I guess I had forgotten he had a twin brother that died at birth.

During our tour we stopped and ate at one of the sandwich shoppe's. It had tables and benches made like his cars.

We left there and travelers back to the Peabody Hotel, which I will post pictures of our tea. I had raspberry and quince, Mervin had blackberry-sage. Then they brought little sandwiches from cucumber on croissant to crab or salmon sandwiches. Next we were brought scones. Ha, almost to die for, awesome. Last we were brought dessert. Fancy German cookies to very rich chocolate tortes and all in between including banana nut bread.. After this we watched the ducks return to their pent house. What a busy awesome time we have.

Tomorrow we all 5 have an appointment for Pedicures. At this point I think we all deserve one. Will post more later. Please see the pictures on Facebook

Thursday, March 22, 2012

First off today, Happy Birthday Michael. Hope it was a great one.

Left Little Rock today about 10:00am and drove to Memphis. Saw and crossed the Mississippi River for the first time. Took a cruIse down the Mississippi River. Would have loved to have done a night Dinner Cruise, but they on,ly do them right now on Saturday nights. We then took a trolley ride around the city, and went to the Peabody Hotel. Missed seeing the ducts, but we are having tea there tomorrow.

We then had dinner at the Charlie Vergo's Rendoveous Rib House. Wow, what BBQ'd ribs. Never tasted any like them. Bought their sauce and seasonings to bring home. Wonderful food. We then took a horse and carriage ride around the city. Wonderful time and our driver was full of information about the city. Also saw Beale street. Will visit it again tomorrow. I am so tired tonight. Will post more tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yesterday, Tuesday, we went to Hot Springs. Went on a great mid day cruise as they were not sure there would be a night dinner cruise because a rain was due in, so we took the noon one. Had a great cruise. Saw a lot of interesting things till the rain finally chased us home yesterday evening. I will post some pictures, probably on Facebook this evening as I didn't down load the pictures from the camera before Mervin left with Bro. Emerson this morning.

Today we called a home day for the ladies. I needed to wash my hair and do some wash and, Sis. Emerson needed to catch up on some College work and it's still raining. Kinda glad we took this day off as I am also resting my knee. The knee doesn't hurt, but it really swells when riding. I don't even know where Mervin and Bro. Emerson are at at this time. They left early to attend a Ministers breakfast. It's almost one and they haven't returned yet. I'm sure they are having a great time. Tonight is church and Mervin will be teaching. Looking forward to a great time. Will write more later.