Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yesterday, Tuesday, we went to Hot Springs. Went on a great mid day cruise as they were not sure there would be a night dinner cruise because a rain was due in, so we took the noon one. Had a great cruise. Saw a lot of interesting things till the rain finally chased us home yesterday evening. I will post some pictures, probably on Facebook this evening as I didn't down load the pictures from the camera before Mervin left with Bro. Emerson this morning.

Today we called a home day for the ladies. I needed to wash my hair and do some wash and, Sis. Emerson needed to catch up on some College work and it's still raining. Kinda glad we took this day off as I am also resting my knee. The knee doesn't hurt, but it really swells when riding. I don't even know where Mervin and Bro. Emerson are at at this time. They left early to attend a Ministers breakfast. It's almost one and they haven't returned yet. I'm sure they are having a great time. Tonight is church and Mervin will be teaching. Looking forward to a great time. Will write more later.

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