Friday, March 16, 2012

Vacation March 2012

I know it's been a long time since I blogged, but I thought that this vacation I would try to blog it.
We left home Wednesday morning and drove to LA and spent the night at a Best Western, very nice motel. A place where we could leave our car secured while we were gone a a very minimal price. First 7 days free. We had arranged for a shuttle to arrive at 4:00am to take us to LAX. We also arranged for a 3:00am wake up call.

I woke up about 2:30 and seemed restless, anxious to get going. I got up and began to get around, combed my hair (thank God). I had just finishe combing my hair and walked out of the bathroom and suddenly the lights went out. Looked outside the window and the whole half block was out. Of course, we didn't get a wake up call cause the phone wouldn't work and management was running around checking things out. We finished getting dressed and packing in the dark, NO, we used the light from our lap top and iPad. Technology is wonderful in MANY ways. Now we had no elevators and everything had to be carried down 3 (of course we were on the third floor) flights of stairs.
Guess what. Just as the shuttle drove up to get us the lights all came on.

I was already a little anxious about this trip as 3 years ago when we were here I had to have emergency surgery for a strangulated hernia. Was so glad we were with the Emerson's at that time and not out on the road somewhere alone, as we drove that trip. Last year when we started back here in the Motorhome, we got as far as Lake Havasu and I broke my foot.

Today I am resting my knee from the flight. Sis. Emerson and Jayla had school today, but are out for Spring Break all next week. Mervin and Bro. Emerson left early this morning and I haven't seen them. This evening and tomorrow Sis. Emerson and I will be attending a Ladies Conference in Little Rock. Sis. Donna Linville will be speaking. Looking forward to it. UNTIL LATER"......."...........w

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