Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Cold Here

Greetings from Indianapolis,Indiana.
It's cold, windy and raining. The tempature is about 40 degree during the day and in the low 30's at night. I brought a coat, but that cold wind just cuts right through to the bone.
We're having a great time. Mervin had some time today so we rented a car and went to see Bro. Mooney's church. Beautiful building. Went inside and took a tour of the inside. Visited with some personnel there. Very niece people. I walked off from the motel and left my camera. Mervin did get some pictures, so mabe I'll post some of his later
We also went to the late Bishop Haywood's church. Went inside and was taken on a tour by an elder that even being very old, he had a great memory of the layout of the church and was up to date on the history. Also visited with a relative of Bro. Haywood. I believe she said she was a great niece. She was very informative also. Such beautiful people. She told us about that very church on this same site, built by bro. Haywood was originally the city dump. He and his saints shoveled out the dump site by hand saying, "In the name of Jesus." With each shovel full. They said the pillars in the church are still the ones there now. They said that a few years ago they wanted to do some add on to the church and the city came out to check the foundation and stated they had never seen such a firm and solid foundation. Hmmmm? They just celebrated they're 100 year anniversary. Bishop Finnell is now pastor and they still average about 1500 in services.
There's so much more I could write about, but will probably do tht later.

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