Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Tonight we're in a motel very close to LAX. In the morning we fly out to Indianapolis, Indiana. Mervin will be attending a conference there. I decided I might as well go and see some different country.
I am so thankful for a safe trip to L.A. The wind was blowing very hard and quite often it was raining very hard. We counted 10 accidents. Thank God for His protection. We never came close to being in an accident. I'm sure it wasn't our driving but His protection.
We arrived here early enough today to go to the garment district. Wow, what a place to spend money. Had a great time. Church ladies, we need to plan a trip down here and spend a couple of days...
Our little Jazz is continuing to grow and we're getting more attached to her all the time. I told Merv, it was really hard to go off and leave her. She is staying with my great niece Kaitlyn McDaniel. Katie loves animals so I'm sure she will get the best of care and probably not miss us as much as we miss her.
Well so far it seems the only thing I forgot to pack was Mervin's socks. I did not pack him one pair so needless to say we went shopping tonight.
I think I'll try to get settled in early so we can rise early for an early start. Will write more tomorrow.

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