Friday, October 9, 2009


"I've been blessed with so many things, My God's been good to me. I have family and friends who share......................"
Yes, God has been so good to me I can't complain.
Today again I am so thankful first for the great God that I serve. I'm thankful for a wonderful husband that has spoiled me. (That's ok though) I have a great family that loves and cares for me and a whole host of friends that are always there.
I have a wonderful church that I have watched grow during the last 50 years. I've had the Holy Ghost for 50 years and it gets better all the time.
I've seen souls saved, miracles preformed, healings.
I've had dissapointments, sickness and death has even reached into our family, but God is still good to me. I've had friends come and go. Those that went I still pray for.
Thank God for a wonderful life. How do people survive without God?
Have another great weekend

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  1. I'm with you Virginia. I've been blessed!!! And I continue to be blessed!!!