Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Heritage

Today during m devotional time, I was reminiscing about being a preachers kid. I loved those years. Were they without problems? No, a thousand times no!!!!!! But I loved them anyway. Today my memory was drawn to Daddy's praying. He spent a lot of time studying and praying in the living room. I loved to hear my dad praying whether it was in the middle of the night or during the day. I just knew he was in contact with God. I recall bringing friends over to the house and hearing Dad praying before I opened the door. Was I embarrassed? NO! I would just remind them that Dad was praying and to stay quiet till we got past the living room. They were always so in awe that our home life was so different. I knew this was uncommon, but my prayer in my heart was always that hearing my Dad pray would never become common to me. Though my Dad may be gone from this earth to his reward, I can still hear those prayers. Thank you Dad. I'm still serving God today because of those prayers.
What a Pentecostal Heritage!!!!!!!

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  1. I think about Grandpa so often and all that he meant to me. There are days I miss him and Grandma terribly. We were all so blesseds to have them!