Saturday, September 26, 2009

Brothers Birthday

Today is my brother, Jim's,birthday. He turned 60 years young today. We as a family celebrated his birthday at The Cellar. (A steak house in Porterville). Had a great time of fun and fellowship with the family.

As a tribute to you, Jim, I would like to say I still like you, in fact, I still love you. You have been a great brother, especially after we grew up. As brother and sister we did our share of arguing and disagreeing but we survived.

Thanks for being there for all of us. Especially these past few months. Thanks for the advice and the time you take to do all the little extra things for us.

Thanks for the good times and for the rough times. I think we learned to appreciate each other more throught those times. I won't take time to name all the bad things you did growing up, there's not enough space and if there's not enough space for that then I know there's not enough space to write about the good things so just let me say, "You're a great brother that I'm proud to claim."

Love ya,

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