Sunday, February 14, 2010

Revival Fires Burn

I'm aware that I have not posted in some time. It seems like the days slip by so fast. I'm so thankful for the blessings of God.
We have been in revival with Bro. Doug Wright for several weeks now. God has moved in every service. Several have received the Holy Ghost. We have seen many renewed in the Lord, and there have been many healings.
Three separate times, Mervin has had to have cysts the size of footballs (per the Doctor) removed from his right kidney. Because of bleeding and the same pain, we were returning to San Francisco.
The Sunday night before Mervin had to return to San Francisco he went forward for prayer. I saw a miraculous move of God on him and Bro. McDaniel as they prayed for him. The pain and bleeding stopped. In San Francisco, the doctor said his lab and kidney panel numbers were better than he had ever seen them and he didn't need to ever see him again. Dr. said, "Of course, if you ever have any problems again, you have my number." Thank you Jesus as the Doctor had already told us the kidney would have to be removed this time.
We have seen many healing's of the body, mind and soul. One of the men that has been here for a long time was diagnosed some time ago with Alzheimer's disease, stilled loved to come to church, but couldn't call anyone by name or communicate, is now visiting with the saints and calling them by their name. Wow, isn't God good?
We sold our 5th wheel and bought a Motorhome about 2 weeks before the revival started. because of the heavy storms we put it in storage till the storm passed over. It's still setting there untried. Just can't leave a good revival. Might miss something great.
There's nothing in this heart of mine, but praise for the Lord
I'll sing His praises every day.

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  1. Wonderful to hear of the move of God in our midst. He is a Healer!!!