Monday, February 22, 2010

Where does time go. I t seems when I was a child, the three weeks or so between Thanksgiving and Christmas was a whole year. The school year seemed to last the whole 12 months.
During my formative years and through the rest of my life I have been taught to daily look for the return of Jesus. To live as though He was coming today.
As I have gotten older, it seems that time passes by so quickly. It seems we have just celebrated Christmas and now we're almost ready to usher in March. The stores are gearing up for Easter so people will spend more money to rush through another holiday not stopping to realize why we celebrate Easter. I am so thankful that I know that He died and then arose and ascended into heaven, but is soon to return for his church.
Today, though time is swiftly passing and we're closer to his coming than we were yesterday, I'm glad that I'm still looking for His return.

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  1. May we never forget the real reason for celebrating Easter. And yes, He's coming back!!! And very soon!!!