Thursday, August 13, 2009

Last full day of vacation

Today is our last full day of vacation. We will be leaving this beautiful coastal weather (60-65 degree) for the hot valley. We have really enjoyed ourselves. Most days you can't see the end of the pier for the fog, but that's ok with us. We have had a wonderful time, but it's time to go home and settle in for a while.

Tuesday night we had dinner with Jay, Tarrah and kids. Jay barbecued steaks. I made a couple of banana split pies and took them over. We had a great time with them. What a great family....

Please pray for me. I'm setting here in the train Station Grill blogging and Mervin has gone looking for antique stores. I may should have kept the credit cards. HA.

I promise I will try to post pictures when I get home. Mervin has posted quite a few on his blog if you would like to go there. (

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