Sunday, June 28, 2009

This is the seventh day of our trip. I know I missed a couple of days posting. There was a reason.

We left Joplin, Mo. about noon on Friday and arrived here at the Emerson's, in Benton, AR. about 5 pm. They took us to dinner at a great catfish restaurant. The fish was delicious. We then went riding to look over the city. Beautiful town. Of course we came home and sit up late talking and catching up.

Saturday morning I got up about 9:00 with a stomach ache. It slowly progressed to severe pain. by about 2:00 pm they rushed me to the hospital and found out that I had a strangulated hernia. They took me to surgery immediately. Well I have been released and am back at the Emerson's with 20 staples in my stomach.

I don't know why this had to happen on this trip as I didn't even know I had a hernia. I do know I serve a God that has all things in control. Mervin and I were talking about how this could have happened out on the road a hundred miles from nowhere, but instead he brought us to these beautiful people, the Emerson's.

Let's not forget Jayla, Bro and Sis Emerson's daughter. She is such a delight to be around. Very smart and intelligent child. She is 7 years old and plays piano and is taking guitar lessons.

Prior to church time, she and Mervin were playing chutes and ladders. I got some pictures of that. Will post picture when I have Mervin here to help me.

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  1. Aunt Virginia, when dad called I was so worried and went to prayer. Thank you Jesus for your protecting power. Im so glad you were there with the Emersons. Please take it easy and keep us all posted!!