Friday, June 19, 2009

Getting ready for vacation

Well it is Friday and I'm trying to get ready for my husband and I to leave on a driving vacation. This is something I am very excited about as I have always worked and never traveled outside of California except to rush to a General Conference and rush back home to work.

Our plans are to mosey toward Kansas to visit friends and travel back down to Arkansas to visit. My mother and dad were both born in little towns in Arkansas. Since I have never been there, I hope to visit these towns. From this point, we will decide where to go next.

My plans now are to post nightly of where we have visited.


  1. Congratulations on retirement Virginia - and welcome to being a fellow blogger. Be safe on your trip, and see ya (Lord willing) at camp meeting.

  2. Your vacation sounds like so much fun. My mom was born and raised in Alma, Arkansas. We visited there a few years ago and saw the old Wilson homestead where my mother was born, my great-grandpa's country store (which is now a rustic old place), and visited the little cemetery out in the sticks, on a dirt road, but where my great grandparents and several other relatives are buried. Arkansas is a beautiful state.

  3. Hello there. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

    Your vacation sounds just like what I love to do! My Mom is from Louisiana and I have seen the little town where she was born, and the school she used to go to etc. My Dad was born in Arkansas in a tiny place called Caddo Gap. When I was there once, I accidently went through this area. There is really nothing there now, but it was fun to see where Dad was born. Arkansa is a beautiful state. If I EVER get to retire, I hope to drive through the remaining states that I've never been. I've been to about half, or so. Hope to add more before I retire. I love travelling! Can't wait to read your posts...don't forget the pictures!!

  4. Welcome to blogging! Hot Springs and Eureka Springs are both MUST visits in Arkansas. Enjoy your trip. I'll ck back often.