Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I realize Christmas is a few days away, but I sat down for a while today and began to reminisce about this past year. God has been so good, I can't complain.
January 2009, Mervin had another kidney surgery in San Francisco, and all went well, God has been good.
February 2.009, kind of a quiet month. Spent most of the month home with Mervin while he recouped from his kidney surgery. God is still good all the time
March 2009, Mervin spent 3 days in hospital, the next week he had an echo cardiogram and stress test. God has been so good.
April 2009, Mom passed away. She never suffered any pain, God was so good.
May 2009, I retired after 45 years in the medical field. God blessed me with a wonderful job in the 60's. I had applied for the job and came home and was on my knees praying about it when the phone rang asking me to come in immediately for an interview. I got the job that day. It was a great job, but after 45 years, I felt it was time to retire. I'm thoroughly enjoying retirement. God was so good.
June 2009, I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance with a severe GI bleed, had to be given blood, but God was good to me. Later that month we left on vacation to Kansas, down through Little Rock, etc.
July 2009
While in Little Rock, at Bro. and Sis. Jay Emerson's, I was again rushed to the hospital with an strangulated hernia. Again, God was so good. Spent an extra 10 days there and then went to Branson and then on to the Grand Canyon.
August 2009, we spent a wonderful week in our 5th wheel at Camp Meeting and then another week parked at the beach. Visited friends and had a wonderful time of fellowship.
September 2009, Mervin got me a Pup for my birthday. JassLynn is half Maltese and half Llapso Apso. We have enjoyed her so much. She travels well which is a blessing.
We also had a wonderful revival with Bro. Doug Wright, God is so good.
October 2009, Mervin and I flew to Indianapolis, IN where Mervin attended a Seminar. We had a wonderful time, met lots of new people including Sis. Lynda Allison Doty.
We got the kitchen pantry put in and the kitchen and living room repainted. God is so good.
November 2009, has not been an easy month. Miss Mom during the Thanksgiving season. Had Thanksgiving for two days. With our kids from Bakersfield and also with my niece and nephew in Bakersfield. It was a wonderful time, but there was still Mom missing, but God was still so good to bring peace.
December 2009, where has this year gone. We found out we are adding a new great granddaughter to the family next month. EXCITING. This will make 3 great grand children.
We spent the first week of December in the 5th wheel at the coast. Did much of our Christmas shopping there. Have already had Christmas Drama at church, church Christmas Banquet, Caroling Party, and family Christmas Dinner at Jim and Peggy's house. I hosted a Christmas party for the girls that I had worked with. Had a great time. Now it's time to start baking for Christmas with the kids .
My mother would have been 80 years old the 19th of this month, again I do miss her and probably always will, but she has left me such a heritage. I am so thankful for the years I had with her. I would never trade those precious moments of time. God is so good, I can't complain.
During this year, God has continued to bless the church and new souls have been added. We have felt His spirit in a wonderful way in each and every service. God has blessed each family during these hard times and everyone still has their jobs and homes. God is so good.
On a last thought. This week God blessed us with a motor home. I was having trouble with my left knee each time I tried to get to the bedroom in the 5th wheel so we started looking around and found this beautiful motor home. Now we just need to sell the 5th wheel and truck.
Isn't God good? How could I ever live without him. Don't wanna try.

Wishing all of you and your families a wonderful Christmas and a blessed 2010.


  1. It really doesn't seem that it was the 60's when you went to work at Lindsay Hospital. How time flies.

    God has been too good for words and he continues to do more as we grow closer to his will.

    Miss Mom and Dad Tredway. I missed out on so many years but the years I did get with them will always be with me.
    Love you guys and God bless in the coming years.

  2. Merry Christmas Virginia, to you and Mervi.