Friday, November 6, 2009


Where does time go? This week I have completely redone my kitchen. My new pantry is in, new paint, I've cleaned tile, cleaned cabinets, cleaned and polished the stove and refrigator and granite. I'm now ready to bake for the Holidays.
I love to cook and bake. I guess I get that trait from my mom. She could always make a meal out of almost nothing and then set and watch God stretch it. My mother also enjoyed baking. I remember when I was just preteen she had me in the kitchen teaching me. I learned to love it. Just give me a damp cold day and I can bake all day and love every minute of it.
When I start baking for Christmas, I even get Mervin involved helping me. We love those times together. Do a lot of serious talking and then a lot of fun and laughter.
Such a secure feeling to have a husband I can share my feelings, hopes and disappointments with.
Well now that I cleaned the rest of the house today, I think I'll loaf tomorrow. Maybe we will go to Bakersfield to see the kids and grandkids and greatgrandkids.
How about retirement...I love it. I was telling someone yesterday that I was pratically living on Nitro pills and patches because of the chest pain. Since I have retired, I have not worn a patch or taken a Nitro. Stress anyone????
I'll quit rambeling and wish everyone a great weekend and pray each of your services will be blessed.

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  1. Retirement is a wonderful thing...if we will but take the time to appreciate it.